When cultures collide on a northern Virginia farm, great things happen

SoBo Mobile is the madcap product of a Canadian farm girl and a Mexican American boy from Arizona who think great food and sustainable agriculture can make something beautiful. Our recipes spring from Bo's Mexican heritage and they make their way to our truck through a variety of cultures, tastes, and experiences gleaned from our worldwide wanderings. Our approach to food is basic. Keep it simple, fresh, bold, interesting, playful, and . . . dare we say – arousing? We dare!

One look at our truck and you know we don't take ourselves too seriously. The focal point of the design is a calavera – a sugar skull. A playful yet respectful token of remembrance of our ancestors, similar designs are prominently featured in many Dia De Los Muertos celebrations throughout Mexico and Central America. We mixed this emblem with a few icons from our farm – chickens, pigs, turkeys, and cows. The truck is a whimsical tongue-in-cheek representation of our own approach to life, love, and food. Remember, it doesn't get any fresher!

Last Call for 2020!!

Anyone Gonna miss this one?


We've got one more gig left in us for 2020.

A very wise man once wrote, "What a long, strange trip it's been". No, it wasn't Jesus or Hunter Thompson, although both could've easily written it and been correct.

It was members of the Grateful Dead (technically Robert Hunter, but don't get me started...) from the song, Truckin', which by the way was recognized by the United States Library of Congress in 1997 as a national treasure. Go figure.

Now...where was I?

Oh yes, one last hurrah before we go into hiding for a few months, and what better place to hurrah than Old Bust Head Brewery? (That was a rhetorical question. No need to answer.)

But, like 2020 itself, I've gone on too long. So just come join us this weekend Dec 19 and 20 from 12-8 and celebrate. Celebrate life, celebrate Christmas, celebrate good times, come on! <cue the dance music>

Look for us again in March 2021!!


We raise chickens, pigs, turkeys – and now bovines! – on 60 acres of pesticide and herbicide-free countryside outside of Warrenton VA. Our livestock is reared with common sense, and a commitment to wholesome, humane and healthful practices for everybody involved. In keeping with the philosophy, we have adopted a "nose to tail" approach to our meals. That is, we try to use as much of the whole animal as possible. The result is a more robust flavor with less waste. We strive to be good stewards of the land, good shepherds of our flocks, and good citizens of our community.

Junko Hill Farm Sign

Check the truck menu and our Facebook page for new items every day!

A soft and warm corn or flour tortilla with your choice of meats and toppings.

Seasonal juices, sodas and Mexican sodas, and waters available.

A 10" flour tortilla with your choice of meats and toppings. Get it grilled if you like more crunch!

These delicious fried delights are made with seasonal meats and veggies, and who knows, maybe even some fruit for a dessert! It all depends on how we feel, what we have, and what we're hungry for. Check the board for today's offerings.

We start with freshly cooked thick corn tortilla chips, so they won't get soggy. (Nothing is sadder than soggy chips). We add your choice of meat, black beans, pico de gallo, cilantro, and our inspired cheese sauce made with aged cheddar and pepper jack cheeses and local beer or wine! They are nothing short of awesome.

Churros: The way churros are supposed to be! Hot, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, coated with a Mexican cinnamon/sugar blend. They come 3 to an order, but be prepared to share because they are that good.

Fruit Empanadas: They are called by many names in many countries, but here we simply call them . . . delicious. Each empanada is lovingly made by hand using locally sourced fruit whenever possible. We never know what we'll make, so ask us for the filling of the day!

Each order of chips is made fresh and comes with your choice of hot or mild salsa. Get them "loaded" for a dollar more and get both salsas and hot cheese sauce!


Our chickens are raised on the farm in a loving environment until their inevitable but delicious end. It is then marinated for 24 hours, and slow roasted until it is falling off the bone. We use all of the bird so you will get a mix of dark and white meat, but the combination of flavors and spices is one you will surely love.


Our farm raised pork is also marinated for 24 hours before being slow roasted to perfection. Sometimes we make it Pastor style with an adobo marinade and fire roasted pineapple. Other times we make it carnitas style with more of a citrus marinade. Either way is awesome, check the board for today's style.



Our cows have come home! We use an adobo marinade and cook our beef on site. A mild spice, but a robust mouth-watering taste.

Cheese, Pico de gallo, onions, cilantro, aji sauce, sour cream, black beans, hot salsa, mild salsa, avocado, and encurtido.


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